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cultural center donation pic

From left to right, Norma Doctor Sparks, Annabelle Portugal, Wendy Martinez, Edie Ignacio Neumiller, former KFCC President Marynel Valenzuela, Cyndi Ayonon, Marites Yano, and former KFCC President Sonia Topenio.

The planned Kaua‘i Philippine Cultural Center received a $25,000 donation from the Kaua‘i Filipino Cultural Center on Monday.

The funds will go toward construction of a cultural center adjacent to the YMCA in Puhi. When finished, the project will occupy 3.49 acres and will include two buildings — one for the administration, measuring 12,725 square feet, and a 16,852 main hall with seating for 480 people.

The project’s Draft Environmental Assessment, submitted to the state Office of Environmental Quality Control last April, states KPCC had received $1.5 million from the state of Hawai‘i grant-in-aid for the construction of phase I. Additionally, private donations had reached almost $100,000 up until then.

The $25,000 check was presented at a holiday party at Hookipa Café at the Regency at Puakea in Puhi.

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From left to right, Dr. Antolin Apalla, Bobby Ayonon, Oscar Portugal, Eugene Jimenez, Kaua‘i Philippine Cultural Center President Lesther Calipjo, Angel Acorda, KFCC President Eddie Topenio, Romel Valenzuela, Mike Martinez, Vonn Ramos, Mike Miranda and Steve Sparks.